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State to Dewey: Here is $375,000 to move Poles, but…

Updated Tuesday Sept 21, 2021

The surprising news that announced such a huge amount, had a catch as money often does.

IF the Town can reach agreement with Verizon to move Verizon’s Poles. Who Could say no? Well there are reasons… see article here: first

State offers $375,000 to Dewey Beach for Pole Relocation

Questions following the Article have arisen:

1. Verizon stated that, due to a third party lawsuit, Verizon refuses to reach agreement with the town, thus preventing the town from spending the money to relocate poles. Residents ask: How is it appropriate for Verizon to tie their agreement to a third party other than Verizon and the Town?

2. Many residents from towns outside of Dewey Beach, are now asking why the Delaware Taxpayers are being asked to pay for Verizon to move its own poles?

3. None of the funds go to Dewey Beach but Dewey would have to administer the program and negotiate with Verizon. How is Dewey going to administer negotiations with a multinational corporation, while also overseeing the bidding process contractors to move poles?

4. Shouldn’t Verizon move its own poles? Why the Taxpayers?

This issue is covered in a letter written with the help of some neighbors, sent to Council on Saturday September 18, posted in the next blog news entry.

Stay tuned…

Beachfront Verizon Poles installed in Dewey in photos, and other Verizon poles marked in Pink on the Map to the Left